Summer is the perfect time to read!

I wish I enjoyed summer as much as my kids do.

The reality is my work doubles as I cart them between camps, swim lessons, tutoring, and sports. Ugh! I'm on the road all the time.

There is a silver lining.

It always seems that I'm waiting on someone to finish something. During those down times, I have a chance to read. If you're like me and adding some books to your summer reading list, I'd like to make a recommendation, Multiples Illuminated.

Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. Before now, no book I’ve read on the subject of multiples has so honestly or as beautifully captured the emotional tsunami of conceiving, birthing, and raising multiples as Multiples Illuminated.

I laughed and I cried as I reflected upon memories that had been neatly tucked away. Some, like the joy of seeing two beating heartbeats on my first ultrasound, were welcome but others, like the heartache of leaving two babies behind in the NICU and returning to a quiet home and empty cribs, still sting. This book reminded me that I'm not alone. 

The writing is superb and generations of parents of multiples will find this book to be a valuable resource. 

Multiples Illuminated should be required reading for anyone considering fertility treatments or currently pregnant with multiples. The perfect gift for a mom-to-be of multiples on bedrest. It's full of excellent, practical advice, great laughs, and success stories aplenty. 

THE resource for multiples. Period.