And She's back...

This blogging game is HARD.

It's not the writing that intimidates me it's the guilt of not posting daily.  Jeff Goins has changed that for me.  Yesterday I read his Writer's Manifesto...again...and again...and again. I then began reading everything on his Facebook page, his books, and his website.

I've developed a full-on writers crush on this man.  He's dropped some knowledge that has me all up in my feelings and gotten me totally and completely jazzed about writing again. 

So here I am.

I'm going to get over the shame of not finishing the blogs about my Christmas Kindness Countdown.  The activities were fun and meaningful for my family so I'll celebrate that instead. I'm going to get past the guilt of the long break between posts.  Life happens. I'm going to stop beating myself up. Period.

Today I'm writing because that's what writers do.  We write.