Day 7 of 24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness -- Be kind to kids who go hungry

When I was about the age my boys are now, my family was stationed in the Philippines. We lived on a base in Subic Bay and the Olongapo River separated the base from Olongapo City. The river was turned brown from the sewage.

I remember Americans throwing coins off the bridge to the children on skinny boats who would dive into the water to recover the coins.

The smell was horrific but the thought of children swimming in it was too much for me to wrap my mind around.

I've never been so hungry that I willing would make such a choice and for that I am grateful. 

Today, our family donated to the Plano Food 4 Kids ProgramIt may come as a surprise to many, but hunger is a reality for a number of families in Plano.

  •   1 out of 5 children in Collin County are considered food insecure. That’s over 44,000, or 20% of children who might struggle to find their next meal.

  •  Over 7,000, 29% of kids in 50 PISD early childhood and elementary schools are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

  • With $5, you can provide a backpack full of nutritious food for a child during the weekend.