Day 6 of 24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness--Gratitude Letter

The challenge today was to thank someone that I don't feel like I properly thanked. I chose my son Cole's kindergarten teacher. 

She altered the trajectory of my children's lives and I will never forget her. I've copied the letter that I wrote to her below.

Dear Meena, 

Thank you for your profound interest in helping Cole learn. It meant so much to me that you were so invested in him and his struggles. As much as it meant to me, I know it meant even more to Cole. 

He felt loved, cared for, and supported in your class and for that we will never forget you.

I remember the time when you first made us aware of Cole's learning differences. We cried together at the set backs and celebrated the successes. I remember you running out to meet me in carpool, jumping in my car, and proudly declaring that Cole had read his first book. 

 It was your loving guidance that brought us to Shelton.

When we began testing for Shelton, it was the absolute worst time of my life. 

Both of my parents had been diagnosed with cancer. Both were struggling to live. And both had been physically devastated as much by their cancer treatments as by the disease itself. 

Which brings me back to my kids. 

There were few bright spots during that time. The weight of this ordeal still brings me to tears even now. You were a bright spot. 

Cole couldn't wait to see you after his 3 day visit to Shelton. It was you he wanted to tell all about his visit. It was you he wanted to convince to come with him.

While Shelton has been an excellent fit for the boys and their confidence as learners has skyrocketed, Cole still thinks of you. 

We go to the grocery store and he wonders to this day if we'll run into you. We miss you. 

Thank you for being my ally, my friend and my son's champion. 

You will never be forgotten.