12 of 24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness--Pay it Forward


I'm so behind! Life has taken over. Birthday party, guitar lessons, Christmas musical, indoor soccer game, Futsal game, and ANOTHER birthday party. 

It's important to me that I don't rush through these missions.

This mission will be accomplished ASAP.

Peace and love!

UPDATE 12/15/2015:

Mission complete!

Today, the kids and I went out to dinner and noticed a table full of women in hospital scrubs. We chose them. The kids gathered around me and asked me to do the talking.

"Hello, our family is participating in a count down to Christmas by performing 24 acts of kindness. We'd like to treat you." 

The looks on their faces made it all worth it. My kids loved completing this mission. And honestly, so did I.

Thinking of you mom.